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Story of Green Ninja

Green Ninja is not our story but it is the story of thousands of Artisans. Who work tirelessly and passionately to save their art and make a living. Be it a Dhokra Artisan working on a lost wax technique or a Madhubani artist making a painstaking piece of Art. We endeavor to support their hard work and give them the platform they so rightfully deserve.

We take great care and pride in our products.

We are a small team of art enthusiasts based in UAE. And we frequently travel to the remotest corner of India to find the next piece of Art. Also our team ensures quality is checked before they reach you.

Our artisan network covers a large spectrum of skilled people. From Dhokra Artists to Wood Artists.

And art doesn’t have to be expensive so we endeavor to bring affordable selections to our clients in UAE. 

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Because our customers love the selections and you can find quite a few reviews on their experience on the above link. We hope you enjoy this journey with us.

Happy shopping and thank you for your business!