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Vastu Waterfall Wall Oil Painting

AED. 89

  • Dimensions : 13.5 inches X 19 inches.
  • Weight : 900 grams.
  • Included components : One UV textured print framed oil painting without glass.
  • Special Feature: Light weight with multi-effects.
  • Care Instructions: Water Splash Proof, Easy To Clean and Ready to Hang.
  • Material: High quality synthetic frame painting.

Vastu tip : Waterfall is the symbol of “abundance”. Waterfall Painting on the Northern wall of your home or office channelizes positive energy towards your business and career, have calming effect on your mind which reduces the stress level and keeps you healthy and happy. Avoid hanging waterfall paintings on south walls since this area corresponds to fire energy and we all know water will extinguish fire and so will your will and desire to work and achieve success.