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Warli Incense Stick Holder With Wooden Tray

AED. 79

This matki shaped incense stick holder is perfect to be put inside the temple in your home & office to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Comes with a wooden plate. 
  • Can Hold upto 3 Incense Sticks at a time. 
  • Beautiful Warli hand-painting art has been around the neck of the holder. 
  • The holder has been handmade in terra-cotta while the plate has been handcrafted in Pine Wood. 
  • The holder has been hand-painted in red while the plate has been hand-painted in Orange. 
  • Dimensions: Total: 4.1(D) x 2.4(H), Pot: 2.0(D) x 2.1(H), Tray: 4.1(D) x 0.3(H) inches.