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Modern Horse Landscape canvas art

AED. 799

Introducing our stunning "Modern Horse" painting, a contemporary masterpiece that showcases the grace and strength of horses in a landscape-oriented canvas measuring 36*48 inches. This artwork blends modern aesthetics with the timeless beauty of these majestic creatures, creating a captivating piece that will enrich any space.

Please note that this painting comes as a canvas roll, allowing you the freedom to choose the framing style that best complements your personal taste and enhances your interior design.

Our talented artisans in India meticulously handcraft each stroke, employing their creativity and expertise to create a visually striking composition. The modern design of the horses conveys a sense of movement and elegance, while the size of the artwork ensures that the intricate details and vibrant colors are prominently displayed.

As with all our handmade paintings, the "Modern Horse" artwork is commissioned, and it generally takes around 1 month for our artisans to complete the piece. This timeframe ensures that they can devote their time and skill to perfecting every aspect, resulting in a truly exceptional artwork that surpasses your expectations.

Invite the spirit of modernity and the captivating presence of horses into your space with the "Modern Horse" painting. Let its dynamic composition and contemporary style create a focal point that inspires and captivates all who behold it.