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Ethnic Terracotta Plates Wall Decor

AED. 119

This beautiful Wall Décor set is handmade in Terracotta and has been carefully hand-painted by our Artisans in the theme color of Red with multicolor patterns in layers. The Innermost Layer of Warli Art represents how we Humans should live in harmony with nature and the uncountable benefits of that. Inspired by the ‘Tarpa Dance’ of the Warli Community of Maharashtra

These set of 2 wall decors are ideal for hanging and can also be used for display on the side table.

 - Ideal to be used as a gifting option for housewarming parties or festive seasons.
- The Wall Décor set comes in round shape.
- Comes in Crimson red with Multicolor hand-painting.
- Dimensions: 8.4" (L), 1.0" (W), 8.4" (H) Inches.
- Weight: 630 grams.