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Sunset white Horses landscape canvas art

AED. 799

Introducing our mesmerizing "Sunset white Horses" landscape canvas art, a captivating depiction of vibrant and spirited horses in accordance with Vastu principles. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in India, this painting beautifully combines the energy of horses with the harmonizing elements of color and design.

Measuring at 24*48 inches, this landscape-oriented canvas art is designed to make a bold impression and infuse your space with positive energy. The size allows for the intricate details of the horses and the vibrant colors to be showcased, creating a visually striking artwork.

Please note that this painting comes as a canvas roll, providing you with the flexibility to choose the framing style that best suits your personal taste and complements your living space.

As with all our artworks, the "white Horses" painting is meticulously handmade by talented artisans in India. Each brushstroke and color choice is carefully considered to align with the principles of Vastu, creating a harmonious composition that promotes balance and positive energy.

We would also like to inform you that our handmade paintings are commissioned, and it typically takes approximately 1 month for your artwork to be completed. This time frame allows our artisans to dedicate their expertise and time to deliver a masterpiece that exceeds your expectations in terms of quality and artistic excellence.

Embrace the beauty and positive energy of the "sunset white Horses" landscape canvas art. Let it evoke a sense of vitality, strength, and harmony in your living space or office environment, creating a focal point that uplifts the ambiance and brings joy to all who admire it.