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Contemporary Lord Krishna with Gopi landscape canvas art

AED. 799

Introducing our captivating "Contemporary Lord Krishna with Gopi" landscape canvas art, a mesmerizing portrayal of the divine love and enchantment shared between Lord Krishna and the Gopis. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in India, this painting beautifully merges contemporary elements with the timeless spirituality of Lord Krishna's divine presence.

Measuring at 24*36 inches, this landscape-oriented canvas art is designed to command attention and serve as a focal point in any room. The dimensions strike a balance between size and detail, allowing you to fully appreciate the intricate depiction of Lord Krishna and the Gopis within the artwork.

Please note that this painting comes as a canvas roll, offering you the flexibility to choose the framing style that best suits your personal taste and complements your space.

As with all our artworks, the "Contemporary Lord Krishna with Gopi" painting is meticulously handmade by talented artisans in India. The fusion of contemporary aesthetics with the divine imagery of Lord Krishna and the Gopis creates a visually captivating and spiritually uplifting artwork. Each brushstroke and color choice is infused with intention, capturing the essence of their divine love.

We would also like to mention that our handmade paintings are commissioned, and it typically takes approximately 1 month for your artwork to be completed. This time frame allows our artisans to dedicate their expertise and time to ensure that every detail is perfected, creating a masterpiece that exceeds your expectations.

Embrace the divine presence of Lord Krishna and the enchantment of the Gopis with the "Contemporary Lord Krishna with Gopi" landscape canvas art. Let it inspire devotion, uplift your spirit, and infuse your living space with a sense of tranquility and beauty.