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Pure Brass Buddha Idol Draped in Shawl

AED. 159

Gautama Buddha after years of penance and meditation gained enlightenment and came to be known as Buddha or "The Enlightened One." In this statue, Buddha raises his right hand in the mudra or gesture of blessing, while his left hand is placed on his lap with the palm upwards in the mudra of bestowing a gift, symbolized by the vessel in his hand. The robes of the Buddha, features details of his life on his path to becoming the Enlightened One. The "Three Great Sights", episodes from the Jataka Tales, in which incarnations of the Buddha appear in animal form, and characters from Buddhist iconography, including demons and angels on clouds are seen. Crucial scenes from Buddha's life such as his first sermon at Sarnath, where he shared his philosophy of the Eight Fold Path to salvation, are shown on the robes of the Blessing Buddha.

This beautiful piece of art is made out of pure brass.

Dimension : Height 7 x Length 4 x Width 2.5 Inches.

Product weight: 1.5 kg. Packaging weight: 3 kgs.

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