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Bohemian Style Plaid Braided Rug

AED. 189 AED. 239

Introducing our vibrant Boho Rug, a true celebration of colors and craftsmanship that will add a delightful touch to any space.

Handmade with love and care, this braided cotton rug is crafted from recycled cotton fabric, making it an eco-friendly choice. Each thread tells a story, weaving together a tapestry of beauty and sustainability.

This versatile rug is designed to brighten up any corner of your house, infusing it with a pop of color and personality. Its breathable nature ensures a comfortable and user-friendly experience, allowing air to flow freely and maintaining a fresh atmosphere.

The fabric color of this rug is long-lasting and vibrant, thanks to a special treatment before the braiding process. This treatment ensures that the colors stay vibrant even after prolonged use, adding a durable and lively element to your decor.

With dimensions of 3 x 5 feet and a rectangular shape (90 x 150 cm), this rug offers a generous size to adorn your floor space. Despite its substantial presence, it weighs only 2.5 kg, making it easy to move and rearrange. The packaging weight is 5 kg, ensuring its safe delivery to your doorstep.

To keep this rug in perfect condition, we recommend regular vacuuming to remove any dust or debris. Additionally, a gentle shake now and then will help restore its original shape and maintain its vibrant appearance.

Infuse your living space with the vibrant charm of our Boho Rug. Let its colorful threads and eco-friendly design become a conversation starter, adding warmth and character to your home.